Meet Our Instructors

All classes at Kenmei Shotokan are taught by Ingrid and Neil. Between them they bring a wide range of knowledge and experience of karate, as well as other martial arts, and have trained under many instructors in Norway, the UK, and around the world. They share a core philosophy of maintaining a high standard of art in karate, but recognise the personal nature of karate for all students, and they themselves have distinct styles.

Neil Peter Jerome

5th Dan (KUGB)

Neil began karate at university in the UK, and taught at his own club for a number of years before moving to Norway. He is a 5th Dan black belt with the Karate Union of Great Britain, a qualified competition refereee and judge, an instructor assessor, and was a member of the England kata squad.

Naturally a kata specialist and a technical karateka, Neil nevertheless strongly supports realistic application of karate for self-defence in the real world.

Ingrid Haugen

2nd Dan (WTKO)

Ingrid has studied karate for X years and has a 2nd Dan black belt with the World Traditional Karate Organisation. Her English is much better than Neil’s Norwegian.

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